To Propose Open Debates This Fall With Green and Libertarian Party Invitations – A Petition! – Action Network

crosshackRepublicans are leading Democrats – arguably by quite a lead – in suppression of voting rights and access, particularly with the cataclysmic abandonment of key historic Voting Rights Act provisions by the Supreme Court. “Junkets, anyone.” And Republicans and Democrats are in collusion when it comes to restricting significant parties from debates where ideas and potential leaders can be brought to the attention of the people. While the major two parties have often shown themselves to be open – somewhat – to allowing extensive gaggles of honkers within their own races, they, and the establishment media partners are complicit in the censorship and suppression of these established but undeniably excluded voices. Particularly interesting is Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who in an Arizona round table on Democracy Now (4.27.16) with two Republican and Democratic women, hosted by Amy Goodman, announced that the party would be represented in all of the 50 states in the 2016 presidential race. As with the Green Party, promoted by Jill Stein, who ran in 2012 and is one of the two people in consideration along with William Kreml at the Convention in August, the two parties have long recognized politically left and right influences with their own adherents. And among things that they agree on are open, democratic presidential debates. Add your support to this petition if you agree to open, more inclusive debates of ideas and perhaps the 3 months prior to the November election will be more interesting? Thank you, and happy campaigning! Act Democratic

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Bernie Sanders Blasts Hillary Clinton for Seeking Funds from Bush Donors

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GOP donor Gregory Slayton agrees with Sanders:“There’s nothing that will hurt her more with the Bernie Sanders/Bill De Blasio/Elizabeth Warren wing of the party than aligning herself with Wall Street.”“I got a call from a friend, a Hillary supporter, and he said he’d love to chat about what a disaster Trump is,” said a major Bush donor who chose to remain anonymous. “Then I got a call from another guy, also a big Democrat, who said exactly the same thing. I responded to one in an email and said I didn’t really think Trump was a disaster and I’d be supporting him because Hillary would be a bigger disaster. It’s smart that they are doing it but I don’t know how much it will work.”

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DokuWiki Beginners Screencast #1 []

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DokuWiki Beginners Screencast #1This weekend I started with something I wanted to do for a long time – a screencast series for DokuWiki beginners. The short 5 to 10 minute videos shall explain basic DokuWiki concepts to new users.This first screencast starts where every beginner starts and explains how to create your first page in Dokuwiki.The screencast has English subtitles to make it easier to follow my mediocre English pronunciation. The video is hosted at dotSUB which makes it possible to translate the subtitles in a very wiki like way. So if you like to make this video more accessible, help to translate it to other languages.Remember this is my first screencast with audio so be gentle with your criticism ;-). But I’m open for tips how to improve future ones.

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Wishlist []

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WishlistHere’s my wishlist at Amazon Germany. Thanks to the universal wishlist feature it includes products at some other shops as well.It’s mainly a list for my self, but if you want to help out, feel free ;-) When my birthday or Christmas is near, better also coordinate with Kaddi to avoid gift collisions.The list is sorted by priority. BTW. My T-Shirt size is L. Amazon Wishlist Steam Wishlist Donations via Paypal Donations via Bitcoin: 15B8b5yCB5sK7hSwbhyQQZpHrRYzvmxrAA

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Bernie Sanders would be Donald Trump’s worst nightmare – NY Daily News

Excerpt from Shaun King article

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Yes, his skin is orange and his hair is ridiculous. He’s also an incredibly formidable politician who just beat the dog crap out of more than a dozen different Republicans including the current governors from Ohio, Wisconsin and New Jersey, two widely-known multi-term governors from Florida and Texas, four current U.S. senators from Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida and Texas, a doctor and a former tech CEO.One by one, they all underestimated Donald Trump, overestimated themselves and made it abundantly clear that they have no earthly idea what conservative American voters are looking for in 2016.

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Source: KING: Bernie Sanders would be Donald Trump’s worst nightmare – NY Daily News

Why Did The ‘Stop Trump’ Movement Fall Apart? | FiveThirtyEight

Chat: Why Did The ‘Stop Trump’ Movement Fall Apart? | FiveThirtyEight

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natesilver: What was ever right with the Kasich message?

micah: Fair point. On paper, though, you would have thought he would do better in the Northeast, right?

clare.malone: It was an effete, nuanced message in a year about … well, let’s just say unsubtle male power. He also had more limited resources: Kasich and his groups raised about $29,227,421, compared to Cruz’s $141,868,484.

micah: “Unsubtle Male Power” should be the name of a band.natesilver: Kasich has really only clicked with elite-type voters. The median income for Kasich voters so far in the primaries — we have an article detailing this calculation — is $91,000! That’s nuts.

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Source: Why Did The ‘Stop Trump’ Movement Fall Apart? | FiveThirtyEight

What Happens When There Aren’t Enough Judges to Go Around | The Marshall Project

84 federal vacancies, and a glacial confirmation rate, put extra stress on some districts
By Eli Hager
Additional reporting and graphic by Tom Meagher

Excerpted from What Happens When There Aren’t Enough Judges to Go Around | The Marshall Project

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The ninth seat on the Supreme Court has been vacant for two months.

But Antonin Scalia’s chair is not the only empty one in the vast federal judiciary, where several judgeships have remained unfilled for 30 months or more. Around the country, there are 84 of these vacancies, largely as a result of the Senate’s historically low rate of confirming President Barack Obama’s nominees. And since the beginning of last year, the number of unfilled seats and pending nominations have been steadily rising.

Down in the gears of the justice system, all those absent judges have taken a toll … in some of the worst-hit districts, like Eastern California and Eastern Texas, the time it takes to resolve a criminal case has been steadily rising every year since 2010.

Some judges, for example, are having to drive hundreds of miles to cover the empty seats. Less-qualified magistrate judges, senior judges who are supposed to be entering retirement, and visiting judges who fly in from other states, have all had to pitch in. And many of the remaining judges say that it’s hard, with such a lack of personnel, to give every case the attention it deserves.

In the worst-hit districts, including all four districts of Texas, some areas of Florida and California, Middle Alabama, and elsewhere, the situation is now considered an “emergency.”

Ron Clark, chief judge of the Eastern District of Texas, which has three judicial emergencies out of only eight total judgeships, says that “we’re managing the best we can — but if they don’t get us another judge soon, you could start to see some more draconian kinds of delays.”

Judicial Vacancies in the Federal Courts

In the past year, unfilled federal judgeships have been rising dramatically. Similarly, the number of seats on the bench considered “emergencies”—vacant for many months with a large caseload per judge—and the number of White House nominations awaiting Senate confirmation have climbed.

A 2014 study by the Brennan Center for Justice found that the vacancies led to a host of negative consequences. Among them were unresolved motions, habeas corpus petitions waiting years to be heard (or being handled by law clerks instead of judges), judges spending less time on each case, and defendants pleading guilty because they believed a trial would not get the timely attention it deserved.

And in civil proceedings, where the Speedy Trial Act does not apply, longer wait times for trial are becoming more common.

Morrison C. England Jr., chief judge of the Eastern District of California, says that “cases that aren’t the priority are going to get pushed back for years, literally.”

In Middle Alabama, Ricky Martin, a pastor, had been allowing registered sex-offenders to stay in mobile homes surrounding his church — until the state legislature made it illegal for him to do so. Martin filed suit in August of 2014, and the local D.A. responded with a “motion to dismiss” a few months later. But a judge didn’t get around to weighing in — in Martin’s favor — until this April, and the case may not actually be resolved for two more years or longer.

The process would have taken only three to four months if there were more judges available, says Randall Marshall, legal director of the ACLU of Alabama.

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Source: What Happens When There Aren’t Enough Judges to Go Around | The Marshall Project