Have you ever wondered whether the money you spend ends up funding causes you oppose? #scansanto


Campaigns are gaining follows fast. Interesting project.

Nice graphs – wondering how they do that?

Start one!

Lead link:


Warning: Forbes ads and popups are grueling!


NPR comment on class warfare and party donors

Unpartisan SDH de Lorge • 8 hours ago

Pretty much. Class warfare is a favorite of the DNC and GOP. Divide and conquer and hope your party supporters don’t notice you are selling out the country for corporate interests.


It’s not like npr has a link to individual comments without your email – or something else?

Wordless news inspires art

Wordless News logo

Wordless News is a project by illustrator + designer Maria Fabrizio.

Wordless News is a weekday creative ritual starting at 4:45am. Maria gets up, reads the news, sketches, digitizes, and posts an editorial illustration for a selected headline.

Maria created an illustration of a plethora of puffins for the report:
A Dozen Puffins Will Get You 800 Mackerel: Inside The Weird Economy Of Zoos, by Gabrielle Emanuel at npr.org

The slogan: “One headline per day, vowel and consonant free.”

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